Meet the Team

Joanna Landreth-Smith

Owner | Physiotherapist

JOANNA LANDRETH-SMITH LPT is one of this country’s foremost practitioners of Physical Therapy. 

She is a graduate of the prestigious Nottingham School of Physiotherapy.

Ms. Landreth-Smith leads our team with forty years’ experience in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy with a strong emphasis in manual therapy skills and the McKenzie approach to treatment of back and neck pain. She has worked for more than 14 years in Toronto, Canada and New Jersey, U.S.A. before returning to Trinidad in 1996 to establish a physical therapy clinic. She is currently the Director of the Healing Partners Ltd and Aurora Centre, which she subsequently opened in 2005.

Her specialties include evaluation and treatment of patients with orthopaedic, sports and work-related injuries. In addition, Joanna is highly trained in evaluating foot biomechanical problems and fabricating foot orthotics. Her proficiencies include office ergonomic evaluations that analyze risk factors in order to reduce the incidence of work-related injuries. As well, her areas of expertise include back and neck pain, TMJ dysfunction and headache treatment. In this regard, she utilizes manual therapy skills, biofeedback and Trigger Point Therapy.

Her extensive Orthopaedic expertise along with 17 years’ experience in the treating men, women and children with pelvic floor dysfunction makes her the idea Physical therapist to deal with pelvic pain issues. Trained in Miami and New York, USA, through the Herman Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute, she uses state of the art biofeedback and pelvic floor electrical stimulation machines at the Aurora Centre to treat women with pelvic pain, incontinence, prolapse and chronic constipation. In 2020 she continued her training in new approaches to Prenatal Preparation for an optimal birth experience and Postnatal Recovery including treatment for diastasis recti. In addition to treating women with pelvic floor dysfunction, she also treats men with prostate problems and pelvic pain, and children with nocturnal enuresis, constipation and vesicoureteric reflux. In 2021 she completed the Kathe Wallace Pelvic Floor Support Systems in Postpartum Recovery, Pelvic Pain and Prolapse Course.

She is the first physical therapist in Trinidad with 11 years’ experience with State-of-the-Art Trigger Point Dry Needling skills in her toolbox – an extremely useful adjunct for chronic pain treatment. For the past three years she has been a presenter speaking on physical therapy treatment for pelvic pain at the Trinidad and Tobago Endometriosis Association annual seminar.

She is a member of the Physiotherapy Association of Trinidad and Tobago and currently is the Director of the Healing Partners Ltd and the Aurora Centre in St. James.

Meet the Rest of the Team at Healing Partners

Mellissia Brown  Our front office manager who greets our patients with her warm and welcoming smile to put them at ease. She ensures the smooth, efficient running of the office so that we can focus on patient care. Always willing to help patients with filling out their forms.

Kairah Jade Thomas Our physical therapy Aide, who is a kind, compassionate people person who makes our environment safe for our elderly patients by assisting them with their exercise programme. She keeps our environment clean by wiping down all beds and equipment that patients use, so they can feel confident that the clinic is properly sanitized.



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