Patient Reviews

Cheryl Stoute | Neck Condition

“..recently, in 2021, I my NYC Ostheopath diagnosed me with a structural problem in my neck/head. I went immediately to HPL and Joanna Landreth-Smith. She, with her usual no nonsense professionalism, created a PT Programme for me, at the end of which she would do a remarkable neck and head manipulation. I have now been free of neck and head pain for more than a year.

Patrice Riley | Replacement Knee Therapy

As soon as Joanna was told I had set a date, she immediately started working to strengthen my muscles. She did such a good job that I was discharged after one night instead of the normal two that my surgeon usually keeps his patients. That was the tone of my recovery. At each stage Joanna prepared me both mentally and physically for what was to come. Each step of the way I knew what I had achieved, and I also knew what my targets were. I felt free to ask questions about what I was doing and why I was doing it and, most importantly I felt Joanna was accessible if I had a problem. To me having a therapist that you have confidence in is supremely important. I do not hesitate to recommend the services of Healing Partners.”

Hetty | Fall Prevention Exercises

“Walking into Joanna Landreth Smith’s clinic some time ago, I hoped that she could help me regain my balance. At the time I was 79 years old and had been falling fairly frequently for several years. After an interview, she explained her approach and taught me some basic stretching exercises. Over the next few weeks and months, she gradually added several exercises of various groups of muscles intended to help me regain my balance and flexibility and to strengthen my core. Each new exercise built on the strength gained from performing previous exercises. My body now feels much more steady, stronger and more energetic. And I have not fallen once! What impressed me and surely contributed to my improvement was the professionalism, understanding and helpfulness consistently demonstrated by Joanna and every member of her staff.”



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